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Burlington Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth whitening is a general dental procedure that can be performed in our office, or in the comfort of your home. The purpose of whitening is to restore, improve, and enhance the original color of your teeth.

Teeth whitening is also referred to as “bleaching” because the process uses a form of peroxide to penetrate the enamel surface and break apart stains in the enamel.

In about one hour, our teeth whitening procedure can increase the whiteness of your teeth up to eight-fold. The results of a teeth whitening procedure will typically last for months.

Why Teeth Become Discolored

Teeth become discolored for any number of reasons that may include use of:

  • Tobacco
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Soda
  • Aging
  • Antibacterial medications

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Dr. Lewis recommends our incredibly convenient, remarkably effective in-office chairside whitening treatments that remove years of discoloration and restore your smile to its former glory in as little as 60 minutes. Our in-office procedure uses state of the art techniques to allow the whitening agents to penetrate the enamel and accelerate the process of whitening.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

We have pre-loaded, dosage controlled 1-use trays that are presented as a set of seven pairs to whiten your teeth. Patients wear a set of trays for about an hour on consecutive days (or at night time while sleeping) until the desired whitening of your teeth is achieved.

We also offer custom tray bleaching for home use. This technique is popular for patients who want custom fitted trays that are reusable. This technique is suited particularly well for touch ups from time to time.

Combinations of in-office power bleaching and at-home trays are also a great idea to keep your teeth consistently white.

Before whitening your teeth we highly recommend a routine exam and cleaning. Teeth whitening may not fix all discoloration issues and you may also want to consider porcelain veneers.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recently published a thorough study on the effectiveness of teeth whitening and patient considerations. The conclusion is that bleaching is a safe procedure especially when done under a dentist’s supervision.

To schedule an appointment for teeth whitening, call us at 781 272 5890.