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Burlington Veneer Dentist

Dental Laminates & Lumineers

Porcelain Advantages

  • Glazed porcelain is our most esthetic and lifelike dental material. Extrinsic staining from foods, etc. is unlikely.
  • Under most conditions they appear to have a useful life of five to twelve years or more.
  • They are much stronger and more reliable in function than bonding.
  • When artistically fabricated, they are far more esthetic and natural looking then bonding. Whitening of teeth is readily accomplished.
  • The gum tissue likes glazed porcelain and will appear healthy and pink next to it. Has no dark gumline edges.
  • Can be used to create more even teeth and most color changes.

Porcelain Disadvantages

  • Some enamel must be removed from the front surface of the tooth and the incisal edge so that the finished teeth will not look fat and distorted in form. The laminate procedure is not reversible.
  • The cost is close to that of full porcelain crowns.
  • Top-notch artistic ceramists are required to produce esthetics in such thin dimensions.