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Invisalign Improving Burlington Smiles

Invisalign is the leading orthodontic technique to naturally improve smiles, make dental appearances more pleasing and to correct bad bites (malocclusion).

Invisalign does this without using wire or metal bands or braces.


Invisalign uses a series of clear, flexible, and thin retainers that are called Aligners. These Aligners fit like a glove over teeth. Each aligner moves teeth that need to be moved a small amount. By the end of the treatment period, the teeth have been moved to a better and more esthetic alignment.

We begin the process by taking a set of records. First, we take photographs of your face. Next, we take a panoramic digital x-ray of your teeth. Finally, we make moulds of both your upper and lower jaws.

Then these records are sent to Invisalign’s technical department where they are scanned into their computer. When this is completed, a treatment plan is made. This is called a “Clincheck” and it is sent back to my office for us to view on my computer. It is an animation of your teeth’s present position and proceeds stepwise to the forecasted conclusion of what your teeth will look like when treatment is finished.

We can accept the treatment plan as it is or we can modify it as we see fit.

If changes are ordered, a new Clincheck with the modifications we suggest is promptly resent to us. When we are happy with the Clincheck, we will order the Aligners and Invisalign will ship them to my office so I can deliver them to you.

I usually supply 3 sets of aligners to the patients to wear over a six week period. Each set of aligners is worn 22/7 for 2 weeks. Then the patient returns to my office for an orthodontic check up and begins to use 3 more sets of aligners for the same period of time. This cycle is repeated until the treatment is finished. There is also room for modification of the treatment plan as we go along if necessary.

When we finish the Aligners, we end the active phase of treatment. Patients are then instructed to wear retainers at night while sleeping to keep the teeth in their new positions. New retainers are used every few months.

So that’s the basic 101 course on Invisalign!

It’s a proven technique which has taken us out of the metal braces era into modern-day, computerized orthodontics.

If you have been thinking of enhancing your smile, the time is right now because modern technology (CADCAM) has taken us out of the horse and buggy days and put us into a whole new era of easy, metal-free smile enhancement.

You can call us any time for an appointment @7812725890 or reach us @ Why wait? Call today (or as they say), “Carpe diem”.