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General Dentistry in Burlington, MA

Preventive General Dental Services

General dentistry is concerned with routine procedures to keep patients healthy. These would include all forms of prevention such a cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, certain gum treatments and orthodontics. We treat patients from ages 3 years old and up.

Many of today’s family general practices are becoming dental wellness centers and provide services for everything dental.

Prevention is the most powerful and best service you can offer any patient. It preserves the natural teeth. Prevention consists of regular cleanings, home care, fluoride treatments, orthodontics and tooth bleaching. Tooth bleaching is always done with some form of peroxide. Peroxide is healthy for the gums and reverses gingivitis. Bleaching the teeth has an added benefit in that the peroxide actually can make gums healthy.

We generally recommend two to four cleanings a year and fluoride once a year for all patients. You never out grow your need for the benefits of fluoride on teeth!

Our recommended home care is to clean the tooth in 360 degrees three times a day. Home care would include a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and water jets and a fluoride rinse.

If a patient follows what we have to offer for preventive services, they should expect to keep their natural teeth for their whole life!

Tooth Fillings

Fillings are meant to fix small to medium cavities. There are many materials that are used. These days, we generally use white fillings. White fillings keep teeth looking healthy and are very cosmetic. Fillings take about a half hour and more than one tooth can be treated in one visit if necessary. White fillings can be used for chewing immediately; you don’t have to wait a day to use them. They also protect the tooth from sensitivity that was usually associated with metal fillings.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Single Tooth Anesthesia is a technology that allows you to put one tooth to sleep at a time.

Roots Canals

Root canals are used when decay has gone deep enough to affect the nerve in the tooth. At that point, the patient is faced with a choice: To either to save the tooth with a root canal or remove it and have an implant or dental bridge.

Root canal procedures clean and fill the center of the tooth. Due to advances in technology most root canals are done in one visit and have no more discomfort than an average filling. The technology for root canals has become marvelous. Technical skill in doing a root canal is very important and takes years to perfect, which is why you would want to choose a dentist with a long positive history in doing root canals.

At this point in time in 2011, Dr. Lewis has done over 2,100 root canal procedures.

Tooth Extractions

Unfortunately, not every tooth can be saved. Routine extractions generally occur with wisdom teeth and over-retained or baby teeth. An average extraction procedure literally takes about 2 minutes or less while the entire appointment though takes about a half hour. Discomfort varies but is usually not severe because we’ve been doing this a long time. We refer patients to oral surgeons for patients that want to be put to sleep for extractions. We do most routine extractions and use sedation. Choose a dentist that has a gentle touch and understands the finer points about removing teeth such as preserving gum and bone around the tooth socket.

Gum Health & Gingivitis

A patient should consider being seen for possible gingivitis if the gums are red in color and bleed easily. Another sign of gingivitis is bad breath. All treatments for gingivitis are available in my office. They range from routine cleanings, deep scaling (by hand or with an Ultrasonic scaler), or gum surgery and grafting when necessary. We have a periodontist in our office to treat or patient with gum diseases and to place implants.

Qualities of a Family Dentist

You want to find a dentist with a long history of service for the community. Look for someone that takes the time to make you and your family feel important.

For anyone considering a new dentist, you can call or Dr. Lewis’ office. The staff is highly trained, they’re warm, they’re receptive and have been with the doctor a long time. Dr. Lewis’ technical skills are parallel to none, he’s humble and reliable. In addition the doctors and the staff in our office continue to learn the newest technologies and use them in every day practice.

He is always available 24/7. His after hour’s emergency phone number is his home number: no answering service, no beeper.