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Emergency Dentist in Burlington

The next time you experience a knocked out tooth, a laceration to the soft oral tissue, or any other type of oral injury, skip the emergency room and head straight to the dentist’s office. In the face of a dental emergency, too many adults visit the ER for care they could have received from their dentist. Unfortunately, unnecessary trips to the emergency room result in big medical bills -- and they’re also a cause of serious stress and worry. The next time you have a dental emergency, keep calm and contact your emergency dentist in Burlington.

Common Dental Emergencies

Sometimes people put off visiting the dentist because they don’t realize they are experiencing a dental emergency. Other times, patients take their emergencies to the emergency room thinking the issue is too serious for the dentist’s care. How to know if you are experiencing an urgent situation that your dentist can help treat? If you are in pain, bleeding, or have broken something in your mouth -- like a tooth or some existing dental work -- then you should visit your emergency dentist.

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies we treat at Richard Lewis DMD.

  • A knocked out, broken, or fractured tooth
  • Toothaches
  • Broken dental work
  • Something stuck between teeth
  • Lacerations to the soft oral tissue

Of course, dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. If you are experiencing anything out of the norm in your mouth, please don’t wait to visit your emergency dentist.

Dental Emergency Next Steps

What to do following a dental emergency? First of all, remain calm. It is very important that you do not panic when something has gone wrong with your dental or oral health. Taking the proper steps can mean the difference between saving or losing your tooth.

If you are bleeding, apply firm but gentle pressure to the wound with a clean gauze or cloth. If bleeding does not slow or stop after 10 minutes of constant pressure, you’ve got a more serious problem. Head to the emergency room for urgent medical attention.

If you have lost a tooth, collect the missing piece and rinse away any debris. Do not touch the tooth’s root, as doing so can damage the cells and make reattachment impossible. Store the missing tooth in its empty socket, the cheek, or a cup of milk until you can reach the dentist’s office. Fast action is necessary in the event of a knocked out tooth, as reattachment is impossible once the tooth has been out of the mouth for longer than two hours.

If you’ve got something stuck between the teeth, gently try to dislodge the object with dental floss. Do not use foreign objects or tools for its removal. Instead, contact your dentist immediately.

Skip the ER, Seek Emergency Dentistry in Burlington

Unnecessary visits to the emergency room are stressful, expensive, and they put a strain on overcrowded ERs. The next time you’ve got an urgent oral situation, contact your dentist’s office instead. Our team will fix the problem and get you back on your way as soon as possible!