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Are My Wisdom Teeth a Problem for Me?

May 1, 2015

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Here are some tips to find out if you are having wisdom tooth problems.
First, I would look behind your lower molars and see if the gum is red and swollen.

Secondly, I would notice if you are feeling pain that recurs frequently in your jaws.

Third, you need to note if you are having frequent sore throats.

Another sign of wisdom tooth problems is the inability to open your mouth as wide as normal. This symptom is called “trismus”. It can come from swelling around wisdom teeth that spreads to the cheeks and throat.

Finally, I would notice whether I was biting the inside of my cheeks frequently. Wisdom teeth that are out of normal position can bite the inside lining of our cheeks.

This can also be a sign of wisdom teeth trying to erupt into a space that is too small to allow them to function naturally.

If you have any of these symptoms call us at 781-272-5890 so we can evaluate your wisdom teeth and see if they are causing problems for you.

We are experienced in treatments for wisdom teeth and use the latest methods to help our patients receive efficient and comfortable care.

You can check out our website or reach me directly at

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