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July 16, 2015

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I was traveling to San Francisco recently.

lewisbrushAfter a flight delay of over 3 hours in Boston, I finally took an alternative flight to my destination, San Francisco.

I arrived at the equivalent of 3 am Boston time and was very weary.

I exited the plane and walked down the concourse towards the baggage claim area. I turned the corner and took a picture of the illuminated advertisement that caught my eye. (See the accpmpanying photo).

I got a kick out of it.

Of all the items to see first on my journey, I saw a reminder to purchase a toothbrush at SFO, the airport itself!

I can report that the billboard was very amusing and also that I had at least two toothbrushes in my travel bags.

I hope you do the same….


Richard Lewis DMD

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