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Tooth Bleaching: What’s the Best Way?

March 26, 2015

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There are several ways to brighten or whiten teeth. They all work well and are safe.


Among the most popular techniques are trays, strips, and direct application of bleach gel to the teeth by a dentist.

The tray technique delivers bleaching gel to the enamel via a custom tray or a stock tray. Both of these tray techniques have their own merits. The custom tray fits perfectly and can be used reused many times. When you need more bleaching gel, you simply restock the gel.

The preloaded trays are very convenient. They usually come boxed  in seven sets of upper and lower trays that already have a set dosage of bleach in the tray. For average whitening, patients will use three or four sets of these trays and wear them on successive days for about one hour a day. Thus, there are a few sets left over for touch ups.

Dental strips are a good way to bleach teeth as well.  These clear strips come preloaded with gel and a mild adhesive. Patients put the strips on their enamel and wear the strips for about an hour until their teeth are as white as they want them. This technique usually takes about 2 weeks to 21 days because the bleach in the strips is fairly weak so it takes more time to whiten. It is also tricky to keep the strips in place. Even with this in mind, it is still a proven method to make teeth whiter and brighter.

The third technique takes the shortest amount of time and effort for the patients. With this technique, the dentist applies the bleaching gel directly to the enamel. There is a higher concentration of whitener in this gel so it works very fast. You can have white teeth in about an hour.

It all comes down to how much time and effort any given patient wants to spend in order to get whiter and brighter teeth. We offer all three bleaching techniques in our office.

If you have been wishing for whiter, more attractive teeth call us today.

Why wait? I can be reached via email: or by phone, 781 272 5890.


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