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Today’s Topic: Gingivitis

January 4, 2016

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Bad Breath…? Irritated Gums…? Eeeeww! It could be gingivitis and at Dr. Lewis & Associates, we are here to help you!

Have you ever noticed bad breath on a person with whom you are speaking? This is not bad breath caused by food. Rather, it is kind of a foul odor that you smell when you stand near a person with gingivitis. The actual term for this type of bad breath is “halitosis” or “fetore ex ore” in medical literature.

The foul odor, typically accompanied by swollen, scarlet red gums are both signs of gum disease or gingivitis, which is a chronic infection. Often times gingivitis causes gums to feel irritated, swell and bleed. Gingivitis is literally a low-grade chronic infection and if it goes untreated, will eventually loosen teeth so much that it can lead to dentures.

The good news is that today, Dr. Lewis and Associates has many methods available to patients to prevent tooth loss and healthy gums. Practicing good oral hygiene and developing good dental homecare habits are your best defenses against gingivitis. Additionally, Dr. Lewis recommends regular dental cleanings two to four times a year in order to prevent gingivitis from creeping up on you!

Don’t wait until you have the experience of swollen, sore and bleeding gums and terrible breath that offends your family, friends and colleagues. If you live or work in Burlington, Woburn, Arlington, Billerica, Winchester, Lexington, Wilmington, or Bedford, give us a call and schedule a regular dental check up with our team of experienced hygienists and dentists to put you on the correct path to healthy gums, clean breath and keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime. That is something to smile about!

Richard Lewis DMD


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