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Terminating Dental Decay: Prevention Works!

April 10, 2015

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It’s still a wonder to me that the most prevalent disease childhood disease is tooth decay. Tooth decay is the result of too much sugar in a person’s diet and not enough oral hygiene.

It’s interesting that this disease is almost 100% preventable because fluoride works very well for preventing decay.

It works well in toothpastes, dental rinses, and gels.  The best way fluoride works is when it’s incorporated in the enamel of our adult teeth when they are forming.
A few years ago, the surgeon general recommended fluoride use in all drinking water supplies in the United States. This was a very good idea and the amount of fluoride to be used for the drinking supply was safe. It’s also interesting to note that fluoridated water occurs naturally in some water supplies right here in the United States.

People who were raised on this kind of water have very few (if any) fillings in their teeth. Former Massachusetts senator, Ted Kennedy, used say often that “prevention works.” He was correct! Prevention does work and we never outgrow our needs for fluoride.

Just how think how terrific it would be if you never had a filling in your whole life.
So please join me in supporting water fluoridation and practicing good oral hygiene. This will ensure that you keep your teeth with very little problems your whole life.  Make oral hygiene a priority in your life.

To learn more about preventive dentistry and keeping your teeth decay free, call us at 781-272-5890, and come in for a cleaning and oral hygiene education.

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