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New Technology For Root Canals

July 21, 2014

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Root Canal Treatments in Burlington, MA.

New technologies that use one-use spinning files have made root canal treatments much easier!

For many years root canals have been a dreaded event by patients. Today we have new technologies which make this form of dental treatment much easier on the patients. Beginning with Novocain, it becomes easier for the patient since we place a numbing cream with a cotton swab on the injection site prior to giving Novocain. This cream, in and of itself, carries Novocain to the gum and penetrates so well that the Novocain injection is barely perceptible.

If you have had a root canal the past, you probably remember the stream of files that were worked by the dentist by hand to clean out the root canal. This task has been replaced by rotary files that spin with extreme ease and shorten the working time necessary to make a root canal.

In addition, we use digital x-ray to take pictures of the tooth to study the root canal. The benefit of digital x-ray is that it takes about one second to get the x-ray picture of a tooth as compared to several minutes with the older form of processing dental x-rays. Digital x-rays require less radiation then the older types of x-rays. We can also use sonar to facilitate root canals. Sonar is used to make accurate measurements for precision. This further reduces the amount of X-rays necessary to complete root canal treatment.

Another part of the new technologies is the use of ultrasound to clean out the root canal. Ultrasound and water are used to cleanse the root canal before filling it. This ensures a very clean space for the root canal filling. With the use of such advanced technologies, most root canals are completed in one visit and often times there is no need for post-treatment medicines. So gone are the days of multiple visits and multiple Novocain injections.

We are proud to fold these new technologies when necessary into treatment of our patients at Richard Lewis DMD & Associates located at 281 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA.

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