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November 20, 2014

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Dentist showing something on dental x-ray imageThere is no shortage of new and emerging technologies in the fields of medicine and dentistry these days. One of the most useful and practical developments to come our way has been the development of digital sensors for dental x-rays.
This technique uses a small and comfortable sensor that delivers instantly readable x-ray pictures directly to a computer. No more waiting for chemicals to process dental film!

Even though film based dental x-rays already used small amounts of radiation, digital x-ray technology has further reduced the amount of radiation necessary to produce dental images. In fact, patients experience up to 70 % less radiation. It’s an amazing leap in technology and we are excited about this!

By using modern dental software, we can edit digital images to see many things that were unavailable with the earlier x-ray technologies. For example, we can apply filters to give us different contrasts and perspectives. We can also use magnification and detailed views for greater enhancement of the original images. There are also precise measuring software tools that help in orthodontics, dental implants and other dental procedures.
The list of the advantages of digital dental x-rays goes on and on.

We are certain that this technology enables us to care for our patients with greater efficiency and detail. So come see us for your dental needs. We are committed to using the latest technologies to benefit your health. And we can treat you and your family’s dental needs in one location.

We think you will like our digital imaging system and our unique style of personalized dental care. We will be proud to enhance your smile!

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