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Altus Dental Insurance

Man reviewing dental insurance coverage At the Burlington dental office of Richard Lewis, DMD, we are always happy to help patients maximize their insurance coverage. Patients invest in their dental insurance coverage every month to make sure their family’s dentistry needs are met. Dr. Lewis and his Burlington dental team will help you maximize insurance coverage and keep your family smiling. We are also in-network with most of the major local insurers including Altus. If you’re insured by Altus and need a new dental office home, call our office to find out more or schedule your first appointment today.

Benefits of Choosing an In-Network Provider

In-network dental providers have agreed to treatment terms and pricing as set by each specific insurance plan. This is beneficial for patients because:

  • Dentists will charge the fees considered average by the insurance plan, so patients only need to pay their agreed percentage of treatment costs.
  • Out of network providers can charge any price, but insurance plans will still only cover the percentage of their preset fees. That means patients pay the difference in price as well as their out of pocket percentage.
  • Dental offices work regularly with their insurance plans, so you know your paperwork and claims will always be properly filed.
  • Your dentistry team will be able to clearly explain all of your treatment options and how your Altus dental insurance plan will cover each service.

Learn the Dental Insurance Lingo

We’re here to help you if you ever questions about your Altus dental insurance plan, but to get a head start, you can learn some of the basic insurance “lingo.” Some of the words you’ll hear most often when dealing with dental benefit plans include:

  • Premium – this is the monthly payment you and/or your employer pay for your insurance coverage. This money is put toward the cost of your necessary dental care. Specifically, premiums should cover the bulk of your in-network preventive dentistry.
  • Maximum – this is the highest amount your insurance plan will pay out for coverage each year. Most plans have a maximum coverage around $1000 a year.
  • In-network – a dental office that has agreed to charge the fees and use the treatments outlined by your insurance plan. That means you’ll always receive the maximum coverage for treatments.
  • Out of network – a dental office out of your Altus network can charge any fees for their treatments, but your insurance plan will still cover their percentage of the plan’s set fees.

Maximize Your Insurance Coverage & Keep Your Smile Healthy

We always tell our patients that the easiest way to maximize their dental insurance coverage is to schedule twice a year dental checkups. These preventive appointments are usually covered 100% by Altus insurance plans, and keeping your six month dental appointments is the best way to prevent the need for advanced dentistry services that will be covered at a lower percentage. If you do need advanced treatments, our team members have years of experience processing and filing dental insurance claims to ensure you receive the maximum coverage for every treatment. We are always happy to work with our patients to find the best treatments to keep their smiles healthy without breaking their budgets.